As the leading logistics centre in the region, within its wide range of services Milsped company offers optimal transportation solutions for every activity. Groupage transport is a particularly attractive service in the offer of the company Milsped, primarily intended for clients who import or export smaller consignments of LTL (less than truck load) category.

These are the consignments that do not require the entire load area, but they are collected in one freight terminal and dispatched together with other clients’ consignments to the point of receipt. Thus, clients pay only for the space of their consignment. In this manner the storage and loading areas are more efficiently used, and users, in turn, get lower service prices. These benefits are especially important for small and medium-sized enterprises, for example, for direct producers who independently export their goods, or for caterers who import smaller consignments on a regular basis.

Regardless of the quantity of goods, Milšped guarantees the top quality service in transportation, storage, and customs procedures according to the most up-to-date world standards.

Work with consolidated shipments within Milšped Group is organized through the European and Balkan network. Through the European network there are three main HUBS for shipment receipt from the EU: Ljubljana, Zagreb and Belgrade.

Further distribution of consolidated shipments to end receivers in the territory of the Western Balkans is made from these three HUBS through the regional HUBS, i.e. the Balkan network: Sarajevo, Podgorica and Tirana.

Please, contact us in order to find the most efficient way for the delivery of your consignment to its destination. Instead of adjusting the quantity of goods to the transport conditions, Milšped will adjust the transport conditions to your needs and capacities. Save your time and money – entrust the logistics operations to the reliable partner whose name and tradition are synonyms for quality.