In accordance with its motto "Arrange the space we live in and we love!", Urbana oprema doo (Urban Equipment llc) Novi Sad highlights that the environment maintenance and preservation is a part of our culture. Through the quality of its products as well as through continuous informing and education of investors and the population, Urbana oprema doo wishes the environmental protection and preservation to become a routine, need, and responsibility of all people.

Arrangement of living and residential space implies general and public utility activities, including installation, care, maintenance, and protection of the urban equipment. In a developed city the installation and protection of street furniture is one of the main tasks. Public surfaces are the mirror and pride of the inhabitants, a part of the environment in which they walk, enjoy, and spend time with their friends. By arranging the space around us we make today and every following day better and more valuable. Only by working persistently and consistently we can improve ourselves and make our environment improved as well. Public lighting maintenance, lighting of buildings, and decoration of the city are the elements that make an environment good for living.

Street furniture, benches, bins, bike stands, children’s playgrounds, bus stops and taxi stands, markets, beaches, passages, special cabins for smokers – let’s make them a part of an arranged and clean city.

We wish the protection, arrangement, and preservation of the environment to be a routine, need and responsibility of all of us!

Novi Sad has been named as the Capital of Culture in 2021 and the European Youth Capital in 2019. We do not think these are coincidences!

Arrangement of the space we live in is our obligation. By teaching others, we also teach ourselves. Those who teach others know how demanding, responsible, but also inspiring this process is!

Let our street furniture remind you how much beauty there is around us when we want that beauty, and how everything around us may be even more attractive when we preserve the beauty for others!

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