B2B Serbia - Program


The electronic edition of the Serbian Business Directory, B2B Serbia - Business Application in English is a modular programming package which contains the database of the Serbian Business Directory as well as the complete contact information for active business entities from the Republic of Serbia. The Program B2B Serbia can be downloaded from the website of the Serbian Business Directory or ordered directly from us in CD format with the relevant digital and printed documentation.

B2B Serbia - Program

How to purchase the Program?

Here you can order the electronic edition of the Serbian Business Directory in English: B2B Serbia – Program at the price of (99 euro) 59 euro - during Covid 19 pandemic.

To order the Program, please fill in the order form including the section of the form concerning the client's general information  shortly after which you will receive an invoice with payment instructions.

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What are the advantages offered by the Program?

In comparison to the online edition, the software offers many advantages, especially in regards to browsing and sorting of contents. It allows for searching by an individual parameter, combined searches with two or more parameters, and storage of search enquiries. The user can export saved information to .txt files and use them to create their own mailing lists, logs and databases.

The Program operates on all Windows operating systems. The installation and uninstallation are quick and simple. Instructions for program use are not necessary since you can see the results immediately. Useful HELP files are also available to users.

The Serbian Business Directory's activity classification corresponds to the official Classification of Activities used by the European Union. It significantly simplifies searching the database of the Serbian Business Directory, with its  existing official nomenclature of codes and names of 640 activities. The only difference to the official Classification of Activities is the higher number of categories (36 categories).

In this Program's edition, we have extended the structure of information about companies. In addition to basic information about the name, activity, address, telephone number, e-mail and web address of a company there are also information about the company number (registration number), Tax ID Number (PIB), municipality and district. The corporate image of companies within the database of the Serbian Business Directory is completed with original logos. There are also links to information verification via the regularly updated database of the Serbian Business Directory website, as well as links to the Classification of Activities of the Serbian Business Directory and  improved, more user-friendly help tools.

The software and data are updated every months via the Internet (upgrade and update). Upon the expiry of the licence, the Program users do not have to re-install a new version of the software. Users can carry on using the software upon payment for one additional year.

Demo version of the Program for free download

All website visitors can download the B2B Serbia - Program with the database of the Serbian Business Directory in English for FREE. Upon Program installation, you can use all  the tools and options offered by our software. Please, note that you are working with the UNREGISTERED version of the Program with  limited access to the database which means you can only see a small part of the total number of business entities. By purchasing and registering your copy of the Program you can use the complete database of the electronic edition of the Serbian Business Directory and update the software and data via the Internet.

To download the FREE version of the B2B Serbia - Program of the Serbian Business Directory in English (size of file setupen.exe for download is 24.4 MB), click on the link below:

Program registration

Until you register your copy of the program, you are using an UNREGISTERED version with limited access to data from the database of the Serbian Business Directory, without the possibility to update the program with new information via the Internet. Only as a registered user will you have access to all the information from the database and a possibility to update the data and program via the Internet.

Complete instructions how to register the program!

Upgrade & Update

All the users of the electronic edition of the Serbian Business Directory: B2B Serbia - Program can upgrade the software and update the data during their one-year subscription period. Directly from the Program, via the Internet, subscribers of this edition may update the database of the Serbian Business Directory (update), download new information and pictures and upgrade their program version (upgrade).

Complete instructions how to upgrade and update the program!